Social Enterprise Loan

What is a Social Enterprise?


A Social Enterprise is a business that is directly involved in the production

and/or selling of goods and services for the purpose of generating

earned income and achieving or contributing to social aims. It can take

the form of a non-profit organization, a cooperative, or a membership

organization, characterized by an entrepreneurial philosophy, i.e.

the production of goods and services and revenue generation that is

separate from public grants.

CBDC Social Enterprise Loans are available to non-profits, including

societies, charities, and cooperatives in need of business support (in the

form of a loan or loan guarantee), that will be used to purchase assets,

renovate existing assets or expand a social enterprise. CBDC Social

Enterprise Loans are to support the financing of revenue generating

activities of registered non-profit organizations.


We Can Help!


The CBDC can provide up to $150,000 per eligible borrower, in the form

of a repayable loan with competitive interest rates and repayment


The Social Enterprise Loan can be used to finance the purchase of

equipment or other items that are necessary to continue business


We offer a loan amortization of generally  based on the

life expectancy of the asset(s) the Social Enterprise is utilizing the loan

monies to purchase.

Eligibility Criteria

If your Social Enterprise meets the

following guidelines, then the CBDC

Social Enterprise Loan may be for you.

• The Social Enterprise and the business

activity must be located in rural areas;

• New and existing Social Enterprises

carrying on business activity are eligible

to apply for this loan;

• Start-up of a new Social Enterprise or the

expansion, renovation, or upgrading of

an existing one are acceptable;

• Social Enterprises conducting year-round

and/or seasonal business activity qualify;

• The Social Enterprise’s business activity

should demonstrate a reasonable

expectation of economic viability, and

ensure that fundamental business

aspects are present, as well as job

creation and maintenance is met.

Community Creation at

its’ Best

It’s all about you and your neighbourhood!

Being able to create sound economic and

socially conscious communities fosters a

strong and vibrant lifestyle for everyone to


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