FREE Training for SSO Business Clients

Financial support for business training for South Shore Opportunities business clients.


The objectives of the Entrepreneurial Training Fund are to:

(a) Improve entrepreneurs’ business skills through access to training and


(b) To assist entrepreneurs with the start-up or survival/growth of their

business by improving their business skills;

(c) To provide the necessary resources to enable entrepreneurs to strengthen

their overall management, marketing and planning capabilities and develop

long term human resource skills; and

(d) To provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop and enhance

better business skills at all stages of business growth.


A business, which is receiving counselling from South Shore Opportunities, may

request consideration for support for training that fits the objectives.


Eligible training and counselling activities may include:

(a) Training courses offered via the Internet or correspondence;

(b) University courses (excluding full-time studies);

(c) Training seminars offered by business support or business development

organizations or associations;

(d) Hiring a qualified consultant to provide business skills training that

results in thetransfer of knowledge or skills from the consultant to the client;

(e) Business skills training and counselling designed to enhance the client’s

existing business;

(f) Costs associated with providing business skills training to small and

medium-sized enterprises, that can be in the form of, but not limited to,

one-on-oneconsultation, classroom style courses, seminars and conferences,

in areas such as:

· Accounting/bookkeeping

· Strategic planning

· Cash management and profitability

· Food and staff costs

· Marketing and promotion

· Business networking

· Food handling

· Public relations and tourism training


Training must be pre-approved; requests for reimbursement without pre-approval will be denied.

To assess, the client is to provide to South Shore Opportunities’ Business Officer, a proposal from the trainer outlining:

· content to be provided

· amount of time the training will take

· quoted price for the training.


The client is required to contribute at least 10% to the cost of the training .

Approved training is a contribution provided on a reimbursement basis.

For more information  please email, or call South Shore Opportunities cbdc at 354-2616 or 1-888-303-CBDC (2232)


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