UPDATE Oct. 2019: This program is available

A unique opportunity to be trained individually in a business topic that is specific to growing your business.

Is your business stuck in a rut because you need some training in a business management topic?

Ask us about Entrepreneurial Training Fund (ETF).

South Shore Opportunities may provide 90% of cost (excluding hst) up to $1,800 , of training, subject to approval of proposals and availability of funding .

You CANNOT take training and ask to be refunded.  You must get a trainer to provide a proposal on the business topic that will help your business management and ask South Shore Opportunities to review it .   Only training approved by South Shore Opportunities as suitable for the program, approved by South Shore Opportunities before a commitments is made by the applicant,  is eligible for ETF.  Technical training is not eligible for the program.

Are you thinking of something that could help your business management skills?

When you contact us, please let us know the background of your business, what training is needed and why this is important to the growth of your business.

Proposals from the trainer should include:

  • credentials, experience /resume of the proposed trainer
  • an outline of the topics to be included in the training,
  • what final results will be achieved as a result of thetraining
  • the number of hours of training to be provided
  • proposed end date of training
  • hourly rate to be charged by the trainer
  • total cost of the training.

(Please note that hst on the full training is the complete responsibility of the client.)

For more information, call us 902-354-2616

or email  sso@cbdc.ca

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