New Subsidy Incentive to Hire Nova Scotia Post-secondary Grads announced Feb 10th

Graduate To Opportunity , announced Feb. 10th

The Nova Scotia government has come up with a program it hopes will encourage companies to hire recent college or university graduates for their first full-time jobs.

The province will pay up to 25 per cent of the salary of the new employee in the first year, as long as that new worker gets two years of experience at the company. It will pay up to 12.5 per cent of the salary in the second year.

The Graduate to Opportunity program aims to resolve the old problem of employers wanting to hire experienced workers, while graduates struggle to land that first job to gain experience.

Employer obligations includes paying minimum salary of  $30,000

Recent Graduate Eligibility:  A recent graduate is an individual who has successfully completed a post-secondary program within the last year of the date the employer application is received.

The graduate may come from anywhere, but as part of the employment agreement, they must live and work in Nova Scotia as a new full-time employee of the organization.

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