Southwest NS Climate Study 2014 Project Study

2014 Climate Data Study information is ready.

We would like to share with you why we are EXCITED about our climate.

Climate data (temperature, sunshine, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed and wind direction) have been polled every 10 seconds all year at 42 spots in South West NS.  Find out what this may mean for agricultural opportunities here.

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It is a large file, download will take considerable time.

Want realtime climate information at one of the 42 sites?


2012 South West Nova Scotia Climate Data Report


We have a MUCH SHORTENED VERSION of the  South West NS Temperature and Solar Radiation Study report 2012 (no maps).  Average download time 30 seconds.



CLICK HERE FOR FULL REPORT      (note this takes up 8 to 10 minutes to download)

“Based on the 2012 weather data, southwest Nova Scotia offers significant potential for high value agricultural crop production.”

Climate Grow Degree Days image


Perennia and Applied Geomatics Research Group have been collecting and analyzing temperatures and solar radiation every few seconds for two years as the experts in a Climate Data study project organized by Yarmouth, Shelburne and South Shore Opportunities CBDC.   14 different government departments, governments and organizations have participated in  making  this project a reality.

“There are locations in Southwest Nova that have comparable heat to the AnnapolisValley; often with milder winters and longer frost free periods”

“Collectively, the evidence for the 2012 period again strongly supports the notion that the southwest Nova region has comparable, and in many cases superior, climatic suitability for high value crops.”

“The corridors with the highest heat unit accumulations were……….”

All the data is in the full report, read it for yourself by clicking on the link above .