“The BUSINESS” of your business

South Shore Opportunities   is a non-profit business helping organization.  Local, for 27 years.   Since 1992  South Shore Opportunities has been  known for flexible lending to business (start-ups and existing) in Lunenburg county and Queens county.  There is no loan too small; the maximum loan is $150,000.  Decisions on loans are made locally by volunteer business people. 

What people don’t sometimes realize about South Shore Opportunities  is that there are experienced business people that really want to  help you with “the business”  of your business, FOR FREE.  Confidential.  It costs nothing to come have a private conversation about an idea for a business or  guidance in planning the business you already have.   South Shore Opportunities can help you  get through the red tape and help you make a realistic financial plan that can be used as  day to day guide in your business.  

Thinking of adding something new to your existing business?    Going through a rough spot in your business ?  The staff at South Shore Opportunities are there AT NO COST TO YOU, to talk to and  make suggestions as you plan a way forward to success. 

Wondering about anything about “the business” of  your business?   Conversation, hands on help, money… Let’s start talking.

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