Facebook for Business 1 hour workshop

Introducing local  online learning.  The perfect solution to get the information you want in a timely and convenient manner.

How?  Simply : a) Register   b) Check your computer with the trainer a few days before the workshop to ensure you are “online ready”  c) Connect using the info provided to you once you are registered.  

Not comfortable using your own computer for your online learning?   You can attend the Bridgewater office or the Liverpool office of South Shore Opportunities and join us in person as we log into the online classroom.   Registration is required.

The first workshop is “Facebook for business 2017”.    Click on the picture above to get the details.… more»



Starting or expanding a BUSINESS in Queens County or Lunenburg County?   We can help.

  •   How to research
  •   How to do a business plan
  •   Counselling NO FEE
  •   Loans for business, decisions made locally
  •   No minimum loan, Maximum loan $150,000
  •   No application fee
  •   We continue to help once YOUR BUSINESS IS RUNNING.

“Thanks for your amazing help with securing the studio loan when others did not have the same level of confidence in me.  Perhaps we can do business again in the future. …Tim Feswick, Feswick Productions” 

Looking for new or different EMPLOYMENT?
Employment Solutions shares office space in Liverpool, 7A Henry Hensey Drive.  Tel 902-356-2039. info@empsolutions.ca